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Presenting New Products for Approval

Call or write to these Safeway locations noted below and you will be directed to the appropriate Consumer Demand or Strategic Sourcing Representative (“CD/SSR”) for the specific product(s) you wish to present.

Safeway Inc.
Corporate Offices

5918 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588 - 3229
Telephone # : (925) 467-3000
Non-Perishables, Central Procurement,
Perishables (Meat/Seafood, Produce, Floral,
Bakery, Deli/Foodservice, Fuel)

New items must be reviewed and approved by Safeway’s CD/SSR. When you first meet with the representative, please bring the following information:

  • The key features and benefits of the product.
  • The forecasted units per store per week for the product.
  • Projected sales and profits.
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion plans of your product(s).
  • Any placement allowances available to support new item launch.
  • The promotional allowances available to support an ongoing marketing program.
  • IRI/Nielsen market data where available and applicable.
  • The target customer for your product.
  • Recommended product placement in schematic.
  • Sales history of your product and where it is sold today.

Once the item has been reviewed and forecasted performance agreed upon, a completed New Item Presentation Form(s) (“eNIF”), including cost, should be submitted to the Safeway CD/SSR.

When the item has been assigned a Corporate Item Code (CIC), log-on to Edeals and complete a “Notice of Promotional Allowances” form. Click here for Notice(s) of Promotion Allowance Instructions. If you do not yet have an Edeals account, please contact Edeals customer service at customerservice@demandtec.com to set one up.

Direct Store Delivery Authorization (NIPF Part III)

Suppliers who will be delivering product directly to Safeway retail stores must complete the DSD Authorization worksheet ("eNIF Part III") when they complete a New Item Presentation Form ("eNIF Part I"). A new form must be submitted to the MNC for each item. Completing this worksheet helps to maintain data integrity and helps to ensure proper payment. Please be sure to use the instructions and sample forms that are included with the downloadable file.

Product Samples

This section outlines the requirements for product samples when introducing a new item to Safeway.

When introducing a new product, suppliers will be required to present two (2) samples of each item at the interview and to send one sample of each item to Gladson Interactive, provider of digital product images and product label content for space management and e-commerce.

If the product is too large, bring a detailed written product description that includes the specifications, illustrations and photographs that include a picture of the package scan bar area (including all numbers related to the scan bar) and other literature related to your product.
It is essential that your product possess a unique UPC code and scannable bar code. The MNC for perishable items will provide you with additional instructions with respect to those products.
For restricted products, pictures and illustrations will be requested in lieu of actual sample merchandise. The MNC for these products will provide additional information and requirements.
Effective May 26, 2003, all suppliers will be required to send one product sample of each item to Gladson Interactive. In order for Safeway to ensure compliance with this procedure, we will request a hard copy of the eNotify (an electronic notification) from Gladson once your sample has been received with your new item presentation.


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If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com