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Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture of Product


Safeway requires 60 days advance notice if there are changes to supplier corporate name, address, broker, representative or legal structure changes (such as company mergers, company acquisition, bankruptcy, or discontinuance of operations).

These changes must be communicated to Safeway in writing on vendor’s company letterhead and must be signed by a senior officer of your company. The letter must contain the following information and must be mailed to the address set forth below:

Your Company Name and Tax ID or DUNS number
Old Company Name and New Company Name
Old Company Address and New Company Address
Change to Remit-To Address

Statement of What is Transpiring and When:
Important Note:
- No changes can be made in Safeway’s system until written notification is received.
- Failure to provide the required written notification will result in delayed payment.

Written notification of changes of this nature, along with a completed copy of the Safeway Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture of Product Form must be mailed to:
Safeway Inc.
Supplier Support
Supply Chain EDS
5918 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588
If there is a change in ownership and the new owner is not an approved Safeway supplier, your company will be treated as a new supplier. You will therefore be required to complete the new vendor and item set-up process, as previously set forth, to gain "approved vendor" status.

Refer to "Become a Supplier" in this guide for instructions. The Continuing Commodity Guaranty and Indemnity Agreement ("CCG"), Certificate of Liability Insurance ("COI") and Broad Form Vendor’s Endorsement (ISO Form CG 2015) are mandatory for a new supplier to be set up. These documents must be presented to the MNC at or before the time of appointment. The CCG must have an "original" signature; copies will not be accepted.


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If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com