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Changes to Products

Item Changes

Safeway strives to maintain the highest standards of database integrity while providing superior service to our customers. To avoid potential ordering, service and inventory issues, item changes must be communicated immediately to the appropriate Safeway official.

Item Change Type

Requires New
Item Set-Up?

Safeway Contact
Consumer Unit UPC Change Yes Manager of National Categories
Product Description Change (i.e. flavor) Yes Manager of National Categories
Case Configuration Change (pack or inner pack) Yes Manager of National Categories
Product Size Change


Manager of National Categories
Case UPC*
(non-uniform across distribution network
Yes Manager of National Categories
Case Weight Change No Procurement Specialist
Case Cube Change No Procurement Specialist
Pallet Ti/Hi Change No Procurement Specialist
Case UPC*
(uniform across entire distribution network)
No Procurement Specialist
Consumer UPC initially set up incorrectly
(i.e. numbers are transposed)
No Procurement Specialist

*Because the case UPC is critical to proper PO and Invoice transmission as well as warehouse receiving, the new item set-up process must be completed for any and all changes that will not be uniformly received across all of Safeway's distribution network.

Items for the MNC will be treated as "new items." Supplier is required to fill out Safeway New Item Presentation Form ("eNIF Part I") and to follow the requirements detailed under section "Presenting New Products for Approval", for each such item.

Listed below are some frequent "item" problem areas identified at Safeway that should be avoided at all times:

Supplier uses the same UPC case code when product has changed.
Supplier has changed the UPC number without notifying Safeway.
Pack size or carton quantity is changed without notification.
Barcode is of poor quality and will not scan.
No UPC appears on merchandise that has a UPC assigned to it.

Important Note: All product changes must comply with UCC guidelines.

Cost Changes

Safeway expects a 30-day minimum advance notice for all cost changes. Safeway reserves the right to require price protection for all price reductions.

Obtain and complete Cost Change Form and submit to the Manager of National Categories for approval.

Notice of Promotion Allowance – NOPA (Warehouse/DSD)

Safeway strives to maintain long planning horizons. Notice regarding allowances and trade funds should be communicated to the appropriate MNC as soon as such information becomes available, as follows:

Obtain and complete Notice of Promotion Allowance Form ("NOPA") and submit to Manager of National Categories


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If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com