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Purpose of Handbook

This online handbook is intended to introduce you to Safeway’s business philosophy and practices. It is being provided to you, our potential and existing suppliers, as a reference--to direct and guide you in the initial steps and on-going processes of this business relationship. These pages provide you with basic steps and information you will need to pursue your goals with Safeway.

Safeway reserves the right to amend or update any segments or contents of this handbook when and, as it deems necessary or appropriate. This handbook should be utilized solely for its intended purpose. Sample forms can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlinks within this handbook. Safeway forms are proprietary documents and may not be altered except by Safeway. In all cases, forms used should be current at the time of the transaction. Please visit our Forms page to download current versions of these forms and to obtain Safeway’s most current policies and procedures.


If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com