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Electronic Data Services Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What Value Added Network (VAN) does Safeway use for EDI?

    Answer. Safeway does not use a VAN for EDI. We act as our own VAN using dial up 3780 bisync protocol. We do interact with most of the major VANs to communicate with our partners VANs. For more information see Dial Direct to Safeway.
  2. Where can I get mapping specifications for the Safeway transactions?

    Answer. All of our mapping specifications and sample transactions are downloadable from this web site. See Mapping and Implementation Guides.
  3. How do I contact the Safeway EDI team?

    Answer. The primary contact is through email to The main telephone number is 925-467-3197. A complete contact list is provided in the Department Contact Information.
  4. How often does Safeway send purchase orders?

    Answer: Safeway will transmit new purchase orders every hour from 5 AM through 9 PM PST. For a complete schedule of transmission and processing times see Processing Schedule.
  5. How can I get a current copy of the Safeway Duns Numbers?

    Answer: Current duns listing are available for Canada Duns List and USA Duns List.
  6. How can I make sure that Safeway has a current copy of my companies UPC list?

    Answer: As part of the trading partner set up, the EDS analyst will send a copy of the current UPC list to the vendor for verification and correction. The vendor can then communicate directly with the buyer for any corrections, additions, or deletions.
  7. Does Safeway permit me to send multiple invoices for one purchase order?

    Answer: Yes we will process more than one invoice against a single purchase order. To facilitate this functionality we require that each invoice include the invoice numbers of the other associated invoices in N9 segments codes with an "AI" qualifier. See our invoice implementation guides for more detail.
  8. Will Safeway permit me to reference multiple purchase orders on one invoice?

    Answer: NO Safeway expects that one invoice will only contain items from one purchase order. Invoices that reference other purchase orders, even though the purchase orders shipped together, will generate errors and have to be re-submitted.
  9. If a trading partner is doing Vendor Managed Inventory(CRP/VMI) with Safeway and they are nearing the end of their foreign purchase order range assignment, what is the procedure?

    Answer: A CRP/VMI trading partner that is nearing the end of their range, should send an email to requesting an analysis and further instructions. The trading partner should not assume to continue on with their range, or to make the decision to start over. Foreign PO’s take two years to recycle in the buying system, so a range analysis is mandatory prior to continuing on with CRP/VMI.
  10. If a trading partner is not sure of their foreign PO range, what should they do?

    Answer: If a trading partner is unsure of their current foreign PO range assignment or if they want to know how many FPO’s are left, then they should contact for an analysis and instructions.
  11. Does Safeway utilize a test id for EDI invoice testing?

    Answer: Safeway does not utilize a test id for EDI invoice testing. All test invoices are sent in as production, and the Safeway systems will divert the test invoices based on other controls that are in place. During the time that invoice testing is taking place, the trading partner should be sending paper or FAX invoices to the Safeway National Accounting Service Center in Phoenix.
  12. If a supplier EDI trading partner makes personnel changes involving EDI or CRP/VMI personnel, who should they contact about these at Safeway?

    Answer: The supplier trading partner should send an email to detailing the current person, phone number, fax, email address and position.
  13. If a trading partner is interested in getting information regarding Scan Based Trading(SBT), then who should they contact?

    Answer: Please send an email to requesting a Safeway SBT Implementation Guide.
  14. Can Safeway resend a corrected purchase order via EDI?

    Answer: Safeway only sends an original EDI purchase order. We do not have the capability to re-transmit a corrected purchase order.
  15. Can Safeway resend an EDI transaction that was previously sent?

    Answer: Yes; We can resend the original ISA envelope or we can resend the individual transaction in a new ISA envelope.
  16. I received an 824 application advice as the result of an EDI invoice that I sent in. Who do I contact to resolve the problems reported on the 824?

    Answer: Your primary contact for errors reported in the 824 is the Accounts Payable Department in the Safeway National Accounting Service Center. Another resource for resolving questions about 824 reported errors is the last page of the 824 Application Advice Implementation and Mapping guide located under Mapping and Implementation Guides.
  17. Does Safeway support the EDIINT Communication standard using AS1 or AS2?

    Answer: Safeway is in the process of installing and testing EDIINT AS2. As soon as it is ready for normal production we will notify our trading partners of its availability.
  18. Who should we notify of our new broker or a change in our broker representation?

    Answer: All broker changes should be coordinated with your buyer and the EDS analyst listed in our Department Contact Information.
  19. How often can I send EDI invoices to Safeway?

    Answer: Safeway will accept both test and production invoices all day long. We process the test invoices 4 times each day. The production invoices are processed just after midnight each day. For more information on our processing and transmission schedules see Processing and Communications Schedules.
  20. If we have a change in our EDI ID, who should we notify and when should we notify

    Answer: Please send all changes in EDI identifiers to at least 2 weeks before the changes become effective.
  21. Who should we contact for EDI-related matters resulting from our company buyout,
    acquisition or mergers?

    Answer: Please send all changes regarding mergers, acquisitions, or consolidations to at least 1 month before the changes become effective. In addition please notify so that items and billing can be modified.
  22. Who should we contact if we received an EDI PO from Safeway with UPC errors?

    Answer: All questions involving the content of purchase orders should be directed to the buyers.
  23. Who should we contact if we are changing a product’s attributes, e.g. pack
    configurations, package dimensions, UPC ?

    Answer: All questions involving the content of purchase orders should be directed to the buyers.
  24. Who should we contact if we are having trouble getting a warehouse appointment
    for delivery of goods on a purchase order?

    Answer: All delivery problems need to be coordinated through your buyer.


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