Welcome to SafewayNet for Suppliers. This site has been designed with your specific needs in mind. Whether you are a current supplier or just looking for information as a prospective supplier, you can find all the information needed to make our partnership a success.

Supplier Profile Update
Established suppliers Click here
To obtain a Store List please contact your Representative.

Electronic Data (EDI)
This area contains information and documents to assist suppliers in becoming EDI trading partners with Safeway Inc.
Safeway's Diversity Program's mission is to promote supplier participation reflective of the diverse communities in which Safeway does business, while encouraging economic development.
A quicker reference of Safeway’s supplier set up, new item presentation, notice of promotional allowances, and other documents.

A.M. Best
Safeway requires all suppliers maintain an AM Best rating of A- or better insurance underwriter.

Dun & Bradstreet
Electronic transactions will require suppliers to obtain a D&B prefix number.

The GS1 US is the governing body for all UPC assignments in the US.

Gladson Interactive
Gladson Interactive is the country's leading provider of digital product images and product label content for space management and e-commerce.
Click here to view the Gladson Instructions

RangeMe allows vendors to easily showcase their items to buyers
Submit your items for Albertsons/Safeway review at RangeMe

GS1 Canada is the governing body for all UPC assignments in Canada.


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If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com