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The Marketing Department utilizes a wide variety of forms to facilitate supplier communication with Albertsons. An overall explanation of how and when to use these forms can be found in Albertsons Supplier Handbook.

New Vendor Setup Required Forms

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Form
The purpose of the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form is to allow both parties to a potential transaction to share confidential information. The recipient of the information is obligated to keep Albertsons information confidential and not to use it for any purpose other than the evaluation of the proposed transaction.

Continuing Commodity Guarantee (CCG)
This vendor signed form is a legally binding document that protects Albertsons from liability due to faulty or damaged product purchased from our vendors and supplied to our customers.

READ Vendor Code of Conduct

Sample Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Sample document. All vendors are required to supply Albertsons with proof of insurance. Minimum policy limits are as follows: $2 M General Liability, $2 M Auto Liability (if applicable), and $2 M Workers' Compensation & Employers' Liability. General Aggregate and Products & Completed Operations Aggregate limits are $4 M each.

Sample Broad Form Vendor's Endorsement
Sample document. All vendors are required to provide the Insurance Services Office (ISO) form CG 2015 with each COI. This form specifically endorses Albertsons Inc as an additional insured to the vendor's policy.

Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act of 2002

California Transparency Survey - S. B. 657 CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act
The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires that companies doing business in the state disclose their efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking within their supply chains. This law applies to companies doing business in California, whether they are headquartered in that state or not. In order to comply with that law, Albertsons has developed a procedure that includes the attached survey. As a Albertsons vendor, you will be required to complete this survey even if you are not California based or do not meet the $100 Million sales threshold.

Reclamation Disposition Procedure/Agreement
Albertsons unsaleables policy is derived from the 1990 GMA/FMI document, "Joint Industry Report on Product Reclamation Centers." We endorse the voluntary guidelines contained in the report and have incorporated them as the foundation of our own policy. 

ALCOHOL (CCG) Continuing Commodity Guarantee
The attached supplier agreement is for Alcohol only.

Produce Supplier Agreement
All produce vendors must provide a signed copy of the Supplier Agreement (Produce) and a completed copy of the Supplier Agreement (Produce) Checklist as part of the vendor setup process prior to conducting business with any Albertsons Companies banner store. The Supplier Agreement (Produce) and Supplier Agreement (Produce) Checklist are accessible via the “Produce Supplier Agreement and Checklist” link below.

Prompt return of the agreement, checklist, and any additional required documents required, expedites (but does not guarantee) vendor setup. See the Supplier Agreement (Produce) Checklist for specific additional document requirements.

New Item Setup & F/M Forms:

Albertsons Product Introduction (PI)
Product Introduction (PI) – Replacement for Safeway Electronic New Item Form (eNIF) Selecting the link will take you to the Albertsons Product Introduction Landing Page, which provides information regarding who should use PI, steps to get setup & process items through PI and support information to help you through this process.

Vendor Preliminary New Item Form
This form is intended to allow Albertsons Category Management to solicit new item information prior to approving new item authorizations.

New Item Presentation Form Part I - U.S.
Please fill out the Vendor Preliminary New Item Authorization Form and Submit for initial New Item Authorization approval. You will receive an electronic version of the New Item Presentation Form if the item has been approved for authorization at Albertsons. Only fill this form out, if submitting a New Item described as a "Display" Item.

Warehouse Supplier General Information
This form provides our Procurement Specialists with the information needed for order placement and transmission. One form per origin ship-point must be submitted. This form also provides Consumer Demand an additional section to request new WIMSUBs.

eNIF New Item Form for Display - Template
eNIF New Item Form for Display - SAMPLE - DO NOT USE
If a vendor is submitting a display (an item that has more than one UPC in it), then this completed form must also accompany any New Item Presentation Form submitted to the MNC.

eNIF DSD Authorization Worksheet - Template
eNIF DSD Authorization Worksheet - SAMPLE - DO NOT USE
This form must be submitted with all New Item Presentation Forms for DSD items - Should be used (one per division) to indicate specific item/vendor/store DSD authorization.

DSD Vendor Maintenance Form
The Vendor Maintenance Form is used by the vendor to communicate any upcoming changes in the vendors service area and/or changes in the vendors terms.

Gladson Notification
All suppliers are required to process all "New Items" and updated products through Gladson Interactive. Suppliers may capture the samples through the Gladson Outpost or may send one product sample of each item to Gladson Interactive directly. The Gladson Outpost, located at the Golden Gate facility in Dublin, CA, is a remote location were product samples can be processed by the supplier as opposed to sending products to the Gladson Interactive address directly. Please see following letter for further instructions on each option.

Item Cost Changes
The Vendor Cost Change form is used by the vendor to communicate any upcoming cost changes with the effective dates of those changes.

Allowance Forms

Notice of Promotional Allowances (NOPA)
The NOPA is submitted to the Sales Manager/Strategic Sourcing Representative ("SM/SSR") by the vendor. It provides allowances that would accompany any promotion agreed upon by the MNC and the vendor.

Ingredient Information Forms

Bakery/Deli/Produce Nutrition and Ingredient Form
This form is to be used by the vendor to communicate all ingredient and nutritional information for all Bakery, Deli, and Produce items.

Other Forms

Albertsons/Vendor Routing Guide
Reference for Albertsons vendors to use prior to shipping freight on a collect basis. Also details Albertsons warehouse requirements for all shipments (prepaid and collect).

Vendor Instructions For the DSD Worksheet
The purpose is to give step by step instruction on how to utilize the DSD Worksheet when submitting it electronically or hand-written.

Traffic Form

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