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Welcome to the Albertsons Electronic Data Services Area
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The information and documents provided in this area are intended to assist suppliers in becoming electronic trading partners with Albertsons. Within the following pages you will find information on how to contact members of our team, our policies and practices as they relate to electronic communications, detailed mapping specifications and many other valuable documents to help you become EDI linked with Albertsons.

If you are already participating in EDI with Albertsons, you may obtain the latest information on a specific subject by making use of the index in the left-hand navigation bar.

If you are new to EDI, or new to Albertsons EDI, please begin with Albertsons EDI Practices and follow the links from that page.

If you are looking for answers to a specific question, you will find a list of people who can assist you under Contacts and Addresses. Answers to many common questions may be found under our FAQ index. Our processing and data transmission schedules can be found under Processing and Communications Schedules.


If you have any further questions, email