AlbertsonsNet for Suppliers

Direct Store Delivery Supplier DEX/NEX Information

A Direct Store Delivery (DSD) supplier delivers product directly to the retail facilities bypassing the warehouse. There are two ways of electronic invoicing in the retail facility for product being delivered: 1) DEX (Direct Exchange) and 2) NEX (Network Exchange). DEX is a process that links the computers of supplier and retailer at the store back door. NEX is a process that links the office computers of supplier and retailers over telephone lines. The format of the DEX/NEX transmissions that Albertsons accepts adheres to the GS1 guidelines.

Vendor Contact
Every division within Albertsons is responsible for their own DEX certification with any DSD supplier and the NEX certifications are processed at the corporate level. The point person responsible in each division for DEX certification is the BDR Coordinator. The vendor should contact the BDR Coordinator for the division they service and inform them their company is ready to DEX in our stores. To initiate discussions about DEX/NEX certification with any division, email your preliminary request to


If you have any further questions, email