AlbertsonsNet for Suppliers

Albertsons Communications

Albertsons connects to our EDI partners exclusively through AS2 adhering to the EDIINT standards. EDIINT stipulates a secure encrypted and digitally signed method of communicating over the Internet and provides non-repudiation of the delivery of the messages between partners.

Albertsons currently uses Axway Synchrony (previously called Cyclone Interchange) software to communicate with our partners using the AS2 specification foe EDI. Albertsons prefers using the Http protocol and the synchronous Message Disposition Notification (MDN). Albertsons maintains two AS2 environments - a QA for testing and a Production for the live EDI transactions. Albertsons will make every attempt to facilitate our trading partners to set up the AS2 connection. However, in order to establish the AS2 connection with Albertsons, Albertsons will mandate our trading partners to satisfy a set of criteria, e.g. transaction volume.

If your company is AS2 enabled and would like to connect with Albertsons via AS2, please email You will then be provided the AS2 connection.

The AS2 software must be certified for interoperability by Drummond Group. For a complete list of certified AS2 software, please visit their website at