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Click Here For The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Of 2010 - S.B. 657 Survey

Eliminating Human Trafficking and Forced Labor Guidebook

Click Here for the California Transparency Survey Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Safeway New Item Presentation Website
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To obtain a current US and Canada Store List,
contact your Category Director

Product Recall or Withdrawal
Phone Number
(623) 869-5101

Product Recall and Withdrawal Process

Recall Process for National Branded Products

For initial Own Brands Products Recalls/Withdrawals, please contact QA.OwnBrands@safeway.com or the QA Team Contacts

Effective May 2016 - New Recall Policy
Recall Notice

Effective January 7, 2016 -
New Corporate Reclamation Procedures
Reclamation Procedures

Business Ethics
If you have any questions, concerns
or information regarding business ethics
or integrity in your dealings with Safeway,
please contact our confidential
Business Ethics Hotline

Hotline # 1866-239-1376
email: business.ethics@safeway.com

Warehouse Supplier General Infomation Page
New simplified format!
Suppliers, please use this New Form immediately.
Please replace with this new form if you have the old form saved. (nipf_page_2.doc)

Albertsons Portland-Gresham Supplier Letter

Cost Changes 2014

Safeway Calendar

1/19/2015 LTL Optimization Program click here for FAQ and click here for notification letter.

NEW! Suppliers, please review page 18 of the Supplier Handbook regarding our Case Labeling Requirements for shipments into distribution centers.
Tracy Pallet Letter
Hazardous Waste Processing Fees

Established suppliers Click here

Safeway strongly recommends that suppliers take advantage of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). To find out more about the GDSN and get started, please go to
Synchronization Program.

Product suppliers provide Safeway with finished goods meant to be displayed in our stores. Using this section of our site will introduce you to our Supplier Handbook, a guide for understanding Safeway requirements and expectations. Suppliers can also read up on our diversity programs as well as our eCommerce initiatives.

Service suppliers are those business partners that help build and maintain Safeway facilities. Use this section of our site for more information from our backstage service departments about their procedures.

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If you have any further questions, email supplier.support@safeway.com